Hong Kong Pools That Will Have You Feeling Like an Island Getaway

Nothing beats taking a refreshing dip in a pool to combat the summer heat! Hong Kong hotels provide ideal places for both oasis-in-the-city living or simply sun worshippers to take a refreshing swim and cool off from their busy lives. Their pools boast top facilities, stunning views and dining options too – unlike public and government pools!

We’ve curated Hongkong pools that will transport you to an island paradise, from stunning outdoor infinity pools to rooftop bars – these locations promise an unforgettable summer swim.

Kerry Hotel’s rooftop infinity pool will transport you away from city life – it features tropical plants and umbrella-lined lounge chairs to create an idyllic oasis right in the middle of busy New York.

Hong Kong’s indoor swimming pool is an idyllic tropical retreat, boasting panoramic views of some of its iconic skyscrapers and offering floor to ceiling windows, mirrored ceilings, and LED walls that create the illusion of coral reefs – truly an impressive sight! This breathtaking indoor oasis will surely impress.

At 118th floor of International Commerce Center lies this pool tucked into the clouds. Boasting floor to ceiling windows and an enchanting waterfall – as well as LED walls which simulate coral reefs – this experience-driven pool is truly one-of-a-kind.

Hong Kong boasts one of the most breathtaking pool decks, and this pool will certainly take your breath away. Offering spectacular views of Victoria Harbour, this oasis will leave you feeling relaxed and free. Plus, this tropical pool features off-white lounge chairs for added ambience!

Hong Kong’s public pool, nestled near the waterfront, is an unassuming gem. Boasting three pools – main, teaching, and leisure – there’s something here for every member of your family to cool off. Plus there’s even an exciting water slide designed to appeal to older children and adolescents!

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