Day: August 20, 2023

Data SGP at the Teacher Level

data sgp

SGP data is renowned for being an accurate and consistent predictor. These predictions help schools adjust growth quickly in school campuses while assuring SGP graduates arrive at their intended locations.

Interpretations of student growth percentiles (SGPs) at the teacher level is complicated by several factors, including relationships between latent achievement traits and student background characteristics at individual student level and teacher-level relationships; such relationships could potentially account for much of the variance in SGP estimates for individual students; this is especially relevant at teacher-level where there may be multiple latent achievement trait dimensions with multiple relationships to student background characteristics.

As teachers interpret estimated growth percentages produced by SGP analyses at the teacher level, it is critical to be aware of and make use of any limitations they present. One key limitation is that there can be no guarantee that teacher-level summary statistics generated by such analyses will be accurate; similarly they cannot guarantee accurate estimates of student performance or even valid results overall.

SGP analyses require large volumes of data collected from schools at different times and in various formats throughout the year. This can incur substantial computational costs and necessitate large storage requirements, but with the SGPdata package’s tools for loading and processing large datasets for use in SGP analyses more efficiently – including an automated data load process, automated transformation into SGP format, and functions to convert WIDE datasets to LONG format – loading large data sets can now be automated!

SGP packages also contain four sample data sets to serve as templates for users looking to develop their own data sets for SGP analyses: sgpData() and sgptData() respectively as well as studentGrowthPercentiles and studentGrowthProjections functions respectively; with sgpData_INSTRUCTOR_NUMBER providing student instructor look up tables allowing teacher level summaries.

SGPdata can be downloaded as part of the SGP package for free. If you have any inquiries about it, feel free to reach out as we value feedback and welcome any queries that arise from you regarding its usage in student growth percentile analyses. Thank you for choosing SGPdata!