Day: August 22, 2023

What is the Hongkong Prize?

The Hongkong Prize is one of Asia’s premier awards and draws thousands of applicants each year. It recognizes research with global ramifications while inspiring young scientists to pursue careers in science. Winners receive both monetary prize and the chance to experience HKS culture and history first hand during an educational visit to hk.

IF YOU WISH TO ENTER THE HONGKONG PRIZE, it is imperative that you read and abide by its regulations carefully in order to avoid any issues during the contest. Consult a representative as well to understand more about its requirements; that way you’ll ensure you apply for the proper competitions.

This year’s ceremony was held on Sunday and featured many exciting wins, such as To My Nineteen-Year-Old Self winning best film and Detective Vs. Sleuths taking home best TV series honors. Additionally, South China Morning Post English News Editor Eric Ng won top honors in English news writing category with his report about jobs that focus on environmental, social and governance issues commanding salary premiums of up to 50 percent – both wins come courtesy of Eric’s contributions in this category.

HK Prize is open to writers from around the world, including Chinese language writers. This allows it to celebrate Asian diversity while honoring both fiction and nonfiction work alike – providing authors an ideal opportunity to promote their works while getting noticed by public audiences.

The HK prize provides students with an excellent opportunity to secure an academic scholarship and study abroad, giving them invaluable experience as well as broadening their horizons of what lies outside of their comfort zones. Furthermore, this can help improve academic performance as well as develop more rounded individuals while creating new professional contacts and making lasting friendships.

The HK Prize provides students who want to study in Hong Kong an invaluable opportunity. The competition is highly competitive and its winner will receive up to an $11,000 scholarship that will cover tuition and living costs during their studies. They will also be honored at an award ceremony attended by guests; winners will receive certificates, letters of thanks and trophies upon receiving this reward. Make sure that if this sounds appealing to you – applications close September 30, 2022!