Singapore Pools

singapore pools

Singapore Pools, a state-run company licensed and regulated by gambling authorities, provides an easy and safe platform for individuals to place bets on sports events and horse races. Furthermore, profits generated are channelled back into Tote Board – an independent body which supports charity efforts and social service projects in Singapore – for charitable donations and social service projects. Furthermore, singapore Pools adheres to responsible gaming by employing cutting-edge encryption standards to safeguard its users.

Singapore pools collected close to S$9bn during 2019/2020 financial year and distributed around 70% to winners; 22% went towards tax revenue for the government and 5% went directly back into arts, charity, community development, education health and sport sectors via Tote Board; with the remaining 3% covering operational costs and other overheads of each operation.

Singapore Pools offers an assortment of games that enable betting, such as Toto and Singapore Sweep. These can be found online, at retail outlets and authorised outlets – however to buy/bet these you must be either a Singapore citizen/permanent resident and 21 years or older in order to open an account with Singapore Pools.

Singapore Pools offers various accounts for betting purposes, ranging from Gold to Platinum. Punters who opt for Gold accounts can place sports and toto bets as well as 4D lottery wagers; to open one you need only deposit $250 into it or register online via its website (note that presenting identification documents will be required when creating an account).

Singapore Pools lottery tickets can be easily found at authorised outlets, select 7-Eleven stores, and Cheers stores within Esso service stations. Simply pick out your numbers to purchase tickets; or buy directly via their app! Please keep in mind that prize must be collected within 90 days after the draw date.

If you are lucky enough to win in Singapore Pools Super Sweep lottery, prizes can be collected beginning 8 am the day following each drawing. When checking your ticket carefully for race event information such as selection odds, purchase date/time and barcode before giving it over to staff. If any queries arise during collection you can either phone their customer care centre directly or visit them in person; alternatively results can also be accessed directly online within minutes after every drawing!