What is the HK Prize?

hk prize

Are You an Emerging Writer Interested in Hong Kong Culture or History? The Hong Kong Prize offers the perfect platform to get your work out there and noticed. Attracting thousands of entries each year and offering cash and shopping voucher prizes as rewards, the award can help build both your reputation and raise awareness about Hong Kong’s rich cultural history.

The Hong Kong Prize is an award presented annually to scientists whose research is making an important impactful statement about society and science. Sponsored by Bank of Hong Kong, recipients receive both cash prize as well as access to top research facilities within Hong Kong. Applicants should submit an academic paper related to the theme of this prize competition for consideration.

Applicants for the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine Prize must be Fellows in good standing at the time of application, with research published in an appropriate peer-reviewed journal and related to clinical practice. Applicants should provide copies of both manuscript and submission form upon applying, with winners receiving both an engraved gold medal and cash award of HK$25,000.

Finalists will also receive an invitation to an awards ceremony in Hong Kong where they can showcase their work and network with others in Asian studies. The judging panel will take into account both quality of writing as well as researcher knowledge about Asia and Hong Kong when making its selection.

If you are interested in playing HK Prize, make sure you select a reliable website and read all rules closely before beginning play. Check back often to see if any promotions might increase your odds of success and scammers out there trying to steal your money; as it is essential that only trustworthy sites be used.

HK Prize is an online lottery game designed to offer players from around the globe the chance to win cash prizes and other perks. It’s simple to use, accessible from any device with internet connectivity and available in multiple languages with a chat feature that enables interaction among participants.

HK Prize is an exciting and engaging way to pass the time during your free time, easily accessible with simple rules that anyone can follow and can even lead to making new friends! When choosing an online site and reading its rules prior to engaging in any playing activities, always choose an established reputable provider in order to avoid being scammed out of money you earned yourself! Good luck and best of luck with playing!