CS:GO Player of the Year – The Sydney Taylor Prize

The SDY Prize competition is one of the many that recognize students’ hard work, honor them and encourage them to continue striving. Furthermore, this event can help develop communication skills as well as provide you with networking opportunities in your field of research – this could open doors to future job opportunities as well.

Viktor “sdy” Orudzhev has quickly established himself as one of the premier players in CS:GO history over the past decade, winning many titles and earning substantial amounts. Currently playing for Monte CS:GO team, Sdy is constantly seeking ways to improve and impress his opponents while his commitment has propelled him into being one of the finest players around the globe.

He has achieved major progress this year, winning several major tournaments and taking home multiple HLTV MVP awards. A crucial member of his team, Sdy strives to continuously improve his performance with incredible in-game skills and amazing aim – alongside fast movement speed and decision-making abilities that rival anyone in gaming today.

The SDY Prize is an annual university award presented to university students who achieve top marks in senior units of Australian Literature study and are judged worthy. Established by a gift from Sydney Mechanics School of Arts Committee in 1959, this prize has become one of the most coveted university prizes in Australia over time.

In 1985, the Sydney Taylor Book Award Committee began designating Notable Books (originally called “Best of the Bunch”). These are books not selected as prize winners but considered worthy by their Selection Board to receive attention and be publicized each year alongside winner announcements.

NaVi’s NaDy has shown how valuable sdy has become since joining from MAD Lions. At the BLAST Premier: Spring Finals 2022, sdy was an instrumental force in winning both of their matches against Vitality. Later this month he will join IEM Cologne – his inaugural tournament with NaVi after becoming Kirill “Boombl4” Mikhailov’s stand-in player; already showing his ability to fill his shoes effectively at MAD Lions and expected to perform at peak level performance levels.