Singapore Pools’ Digital Transformation

Singapore Pools CEO Yeo Teck Guan quickly set about revamping the customer touchpoints upon joining in 2013. “Our aim was to move away from traditional counter service based, in-person business models toward digitally enabled operations so as to offer people a superior betting experience while encouraging online wagering,” according to him.

Yeo and his team developed a digital platform to enable customers to register, manage their accounts, and bet on sports and games easily. Furthermore, they’re supporting Singapore Pools’ efforts with authorities against illegal gambling activity.

An enormous challenge was that digital transformation required significant investments in new technology and infrastructure, which caused internal changes for staff. Some employees even found themselves working remotely for the first time ever – increasing cyber security risks further while creating an urgent need to unlock additional capacity on its data centre.

Oracle Cloud Observability and Management provided the perfect solution, offering visibility across all layers of an organization’s technology stack and streamlining management – allowing them to resolve issues much more rapidly than in previous times, minimising outages during high demand periods and minimising outages/disruption during periods of peak demand.

Yeo and his team also instituted employee forums that allow employees to voice their views, comments and suggestions regarding new initiatives. These have become essential parts of the company’s ongoing strategy as it helps foster an environment conducive to ideas and innovation.

At Singapore Pools, this strategy has led to a substantial increase in sales and revenues as well as more efficient operations – contributing significantly to their vision of being the global leader of gaming integrity.

One way they have achieved this is through the introduction of a self-exclusion system for problem gamblers who wish to limit their spending, in addition to existing initiatives such as responsible gambling awareness and education programmes.

Singapore pools offer more than sports betting; there are a range of activities to engage people of all ages at singapore pools, from betting on favorite teams and players, to gambling tournaments and poker competitions.

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