The Best Swimming Pools in Hong Kong

Swimming is an effective way to stay healthy – it helps increase energy levels, lower stress levels and even blood pressure – all while being super fun! Hong Kong offers many opportunities for its residents to swim leisurely – but where should you swim for optimal relaxation and fun? To help answer this question we have rounded up some of its finest pools.

There are also a handful of hotels with rooftop pools, offering unparalleled views! One such pool at The Peninsula features an elegant Roman design featuring statuesque columns; here, guests can relax while taking in Hong Kong’s skyline while sipping refreshments or snacking on something decadent! For an truly luxurious experience!

At The Mira Hong Kong is another stunning rooftop pool – one that features glass windows to provide stunning views as you swim, plus it comes equipped with a jacuzzi to allow for relaxation post-swim.

At this hotel, there are also some incredible dining options, so post-swim, you can treat yourself to some delectable bites and drinks!

If you want a place where you can escape from the bustle, check out The Regent pool – its quiet spot provides peace and serenity while swimming – plus it’s heated so you can stay cool during Hong Kong summer heatwave!

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