Day: April 14, 2024

Singapore Pools – The Company That Brought 4D and TOTO to Singapore

singapore pools

Every Singaporean knows about 4D and TOTO betting games, but do you know more about their source? Singapore Pools was established on 23 May 1968 – more than half a century ago! As a not-for-profit organisation set up to combat illegal gambling through safe and trusted betting platforms. As such, Singapore Pools contributes back to society through social service work, sports, arts, education and health initiatives.

Singapore Pools is also an invaluable player in the battle against online gambling. To combat this threat, Singapore Pools shifted its IT platform completely onto a cloud infrastructure to enhance security and cut costs while at the same time serving as an “iShine Cloud for Good”, offering secure charity solutions that increase productivity, governance and efficiency for other charities through this “Company for Good”.

Singapore Pools’ mobile app enables users to bet on their favorite teams and events, but with some restrictions. Notably, only certain currencies are supported – limiting access for those without easy access. Furthermore, bets placed with Singapore Pools cannot be refunded once placed.

Singapore Pools’ mobile app does offer several other attractive features for bettors. Its intuitive design makes navigation simple, with access to betting markets covering football, horse racing, motorsports and other events – in addition to being compatible with most Android devices and user-friendly!

Singapore Pools mobile app also features various payment methods, which is an amazing feature that makes betting on live events much simpler and offers commendable odds that are displayed decimally. Furthermore, this free download from Google Play Store makes betting on Singapore Pools games even easier!

To sign up for Singapore Pools, just visit their website and click “create an account”. Fill out your personal data, verify your identity through either video call or at an office (with official documents containing your FIN number) before the process should be complete within three days.

If you decide to close your betting account, Singapore Pools can assist. Be mindful that closing an account could affect your winnings; check your balance regularly and don’t leave too much money in there; this will ensure you don’t end up losing more than winning! Be wary of unofficial websites or social media accounts claiming to announce Singapore Pools lottery results without official affiliation; these may charge fees for their services and have nothing to do with Singapore Pools lottery results!