Things to Do in Hong Kong Pools

Swimming is a fantastic way to both unwind and stay fit, especially if you have children. Swimming also makes an enjoyable way to spend time with friends and there are a host of exciting things to do at Hong Kong pools designed for all ages with amenities such as water slides and fountains to make your visit even more enjoyable as well as exceptional customer service teams that can answer any queries that arise during your time there.

Hong Kong boasts 22 public pools managed by Leisure and Cultural Services Department, providing popular spaces to cool off during hot days while getting exercise without paying gym membership fees. Monthly public pool tickets typically range between HK$17-19 daily for weekday use or weekends respectively; senior citizens, students and disabled individuals receive discounted tickets. You can find out more information regarding each pool on their official websites.

If you’re an avid swimmer, signing up for a monthly pass at one of HK pools could be beneficial. Not only will it grant access to swim whenever and however often you please, but cleaning costs will be covered and some offers come with discounts on food and beverage as well.

Before venturing out to an Hk pool it’s important to remember that different days and times of the week they may close due to maintenance purposes. Before your visit check with their respective government sites if any restrictions exist regarding opening hours. Also some pools provide lockers with coin storage refunded back when emptying them out – this service might be available depending on which pool.

Buy a yearly pass to any HK pool to save money long term and avoid crowds during peak periods. Some passes also grant access to public beaches or sports centers at no additional charge.

Jordan Valley Pool in Hong Kong offers water slides and other attractions to keep children occupied during lap swimming sessions, and other fun features including water slides, squirting dolphins and sharks, floating mini aquatic animals to sit on, dancing fountains and an area designed especially for toddlers and preschoolers. This pool also has an area dedicated to them!