Day: October 26, 2023

Singapore Prize Winners Announced!

Singapore Prize 2018 winners have been revealed! A total of eight writers – first-time winners Suratman Markesan and Wang Gungwu being first among them – won in English categories, with Tamil writer Rma Cureess and Jee Leong Koh taking home awards in fiction categories respectively.

The Prize was founded to foster innovative solutions that would aid our planet by accelerating repair. These could range from tree planting schemes in Liberia, digital tree tracking systems or carbon intensive wastewater treatment methods; all with one aim in mind: speeding up planet repair. Every year five winners are selected, awarded with PS1 million prize awards that annually span climate change, biodiversity loss, land degradation and water scarcity among other global issues. This year’s shortlisted projects ranged from planting, growing and tracking trees digitally via smartphones all the way through to proposals that offer less carbon intensive ways of treating industrial wastewater; all with innovative designs in mind that will accelerate repair.

Kishore Mahbubani, founder of Kishore Mahbubani Prizes, stressed the increasing significance of prizes as the global population increases and resources diminish. “Nations are imagined communities; shared imagination is essential in holding societies together,” he stated in his Straits Times column. We use stories to connect us all together as well as to our past; stories form the cornerstones of culture, identity and citizenship.

This year’s theme for the awards is Resonance, reflecting how stories and poems can elicit emotions and memories while exploring how shared experiences connect us all together. Resonance will be explored through narratives, visual arts and sound art – as part of Inside World Festival of Interiors this event honors and recognizes design innovation across four key sectors – Interior Architecture, Interior Design, Branding/Products/Technology.

This award recognizes design innovations while also showcasing cutting-edge materials, techniques and technologies used for interior spaces. Open to both residential and commercial properties alike, its judges include industry professionals.

This new initiative from Singapore Economic Development Board recognizes companies with significant social impacts and commitment to sustainability, in collaboration with United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

A hybrid F1 car featuring hybrid and electric engines will debut at this weekend’s racetrack for the first time. It was developed by a Singapore team as part of an initiative to reduce environmental impacts associated with sport.

DBS Bank will double financial awards for Singapore Para-athletes who win medals in Tokyo 2020 Games, in a show of support for athletes competing at these accessible and inclusive Games. It marks an unprecedented and generous financial commitment by any Singapore-based company towards Paralympians; supported by Singapore National Paralympic Council (SNPC).